TWO-YEAR PROFFESIONAL TRAINING SEMINAR AND UPDATEEducational approach of fusion of the American and Russian technique

Innovative educational methodology developed to support teachers in:

  • lmproving student’s anatomica! structure during the growth phase;
  • Overcoming performance difficulties;
  • Developing technical and expressive qualities;
  • Creating and developing expressiveness skills.

Partecipation of the teacher and piano accompanist Master Sandro Cuccuini, for the improvement of those aspects in ballet strictly connected to music interpreta-tion and building the dancer’s “artistic framework”:

  • Interpretative response;
  • Technical response;
  • Phraseological response;
  • Rhytmical response.

During the seminar, the students will acquire a deeper musical consciousness through a ludic approach while learning by means of specific activities, ali the aspects that bind the movement to the sound message. The outcome on children is proved; in fact, the anatomica! work is based not only on verticality and therefore on the lengthening of the limbs, but also on the “Balanchine rhythm”, meaning that kind of rhythmical attitude that enables the dynamic of movement to emphasize technical and expressive qualities.

Three-year training with CID final certification

The seminar is scheduled as follows:

  • 5 weekends during the academic year;
  • 16 hours for weekend with possibility of own student’s partecipation;
  • At the end of every meeting a written lesson will be given, including music ..

160 hours to have access to the final examinations and to the Professional Certification Sava Method. Saturday the lesson starts at 11.00 am until 8.00 pm, Sunday the lesson starts at 9.00 am until 4.00 pm.
The number of participants admitted to the course is limited, it is recommended to register immediately.


Beneficiary Monica Sava
IBAN: IT 05S0306910200100000071175
Reason for payment: SEMINARY “METODO SAVA” (please send accountant of the payment)

Angelo Summa
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