The Method

A new and innovative didactic that brings students to the highest achievement in harmony with their psychic, physical, artistic and musical personality.

This is the “Sava Method”, an educational approach that combines the elaborate and rigorous study of “Vaganova Technique” with musicality, speed, dynamics and purity of “Balanchine Style”.

The “Sava Method” is intended for all teachers who believe in an education that can improve the skills of all students with a study that enhances the harmony and beauty of dance at every stage

  • METODO SAVA - American and Russian technique fusion educational approach
  • The METODO SAVA was born in 2014 and filed at the SIAE in the same period.
  • The METODO SAVA brand and logo are deposited with the Chamber of Commerce, 
    Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Cuneo, and registered with the MINISTRY OF 
2015/18 - I Triennial Seminar in Pavia with final certificates at the headquarters of Beart Olevano 
di Monica Melli.2016/18 – II Triennial Seminar in Brescia at On Stage by Martina Guarnati and Barbara Tanda.2017 – Three-year Seminar in Lecce at Il ballet del sud dir. Freddy Franzutti.2018 – Final certificates Brescia c/o at Heliantus Punto Danza of Eleonora Volpato in Mantua2018/20 – Three-year Seminar in Turin at Il Danzificio by Stefania Cassia and Anna Tucci.2019/21 – Three-year Seminar in Rome at the European Academy of Dance by Joseph Fontano.2021 - Final certificates Turin Seminar c/o Asdf school Dance and show of Silvia Ferraris - Alessandria.
2021/22 – Biennial Seminar in Milan at Teatro Oscar dir. Monica Cagnani.
Cagliari – T_Off Workshop of Performing ArtsFlorence - Dance at the fairLecce – Southern Ballet dir. Fredy FranzuttiMantova – DanzaStudio by G. BreviglieriMassa Carrara – Art in Movement by P. VinciguerraMilan – Teatro Oscar DanzaTeatro dir. Monica CagnaniModena – APAD dir. Alex AzewiGrottaglie - G. Lupo's School of ArtCatania – City of Catania Prize by R. TortoraRome - European Dance Academy dir. Joseph FontanaRimini – Summer Intensive dir. M. SoresinaTurin - Theater of Turin dir. Loredana FurnoTurin – A.Tucci's Danzificio, S.CassiaTortora – Not only Dance by M. Forestieri
Volta Mantovana – International Summer School in collaboration with YAGP


SCHOOLS AFFILIATED TO THE METODO SAVA:since 2018 - Be Art Olevano (Pavia) directed by Mona Mellifrom 2022 – ASDF Danza e Spettacolo (Alessandria) directed by Silvia Ferraris • from 2022 – Artedanza 
(Modena) directed by Stefania Pignatti


In 2018 - Masterclass at the St. Petersburg International Congress of the Russian State Pedagogical 
University “The Herzen”, under the auspices of the UNESCO National Commission.
Realization of "Music for Ballet Class – MEETODO SAVA" (5 CDs) in collaboration with the 
Master composer Sandro Cuccuini.



Carla Fracci: “I advise everyone to try this innovative method…….. if you distinguish between play and education…….. you manage to enter the heart of all the colors that if you come to the dance .. .. I will continue seriously. I recommend it to everybody”.

Christophe Ferrari: (principal dancer former Vienna Opera) Academic dance is a living material in perpetual movement, if it evolves and appropriates all the innovations that harmonize with its nature. What Monica Sava proposes with her method is the result of richer lungs and long put into practice. His line of work follows in private and port of bras, the positions of the game, the analysis of the movement that the discovery knows of the anatomical structure, the musicality.. He uses two styles (Vaganova and Balanchine) that have evolved in parallel . Quickly taking the best from both; The molten parrot is ideal for those approaching pedagogical teaching in the Art of Dance.

Marc Ribaud: (Ballet Master Stuttgart Ballet) I highly recommend attending Monica Sava’s work, I state that her method is a dance teaching tool that she highly recommends. It brings new perspectives to teaching with technical details regarding floor supports and alignment, as well as visualizing the movement and imagination of young learners, which are key elements too often few teachers.

Laura Adami: (former soloist at Malandain Ballet Biarritz) The Sava method, an innovative, youthful and cheerful method that allows you to obtain better results because with fantasy and imagination at the service of the technique that suddenly joins the movement, in the action.

A.s.d.f.danza.e.spettacolo (directed by Silvia Ferraris): A method capable
of offering the possibility to every type of student to be credible in the
technicality and artistry of the discipline itself, a great opportunity for
everyone to dance a path that today a teacher of dance should consider doing to get to all and sundry.

BeArt Olevano (director Monica Melli): Here you study by applying the innovative “Metodo Sava”, a fusion of American and Russian techniques: it leads students to achieve maximum results by improving their technical and artistic qualities, respecting their psycho-physical personality of each individual. We are the first Italian school to have official affiliation!

Cristina Pagliaricci (teacher): Back from the last training weekend for classical dance teachers #metodosava. Enthusiastic to have undertaken this path that manages to combine technique, psychological and pedagogical aspects to make the child grow up in a healthy and positive way. The teacher has a fundamental role since he not only has the task of
mechanically transmitting his knowledge but must be able to transmit music, love, passion and beauty. Even if you spend only a small part with them, you leave a mark that will accompany you on any journey you take.

Martina Allia (teacher): The first year of the training course for classical dance teachers “Sava method” has ended.. a course that in these few and first months of application is bringing about many positive changes in my work and for my students .

Benedetta Gasparini (teacher): In my experience, applying the teaching canons of the Metodo Sava makes the student – of any age and preparation – feel capable of being able to move through dance in a safe and also very credible way right away, adapting the study of the Vaganova technique to the real possibilities and limits of each one and in any case transferring a complete knowledge that can be the foundation, even of a professional career. The use of subjective and everyday images codified by the Metodo Sava helps the student to internalize and naturally reproduce the correct positioning of the body and an elegant lyricism of the gesture, and this also applies to those students who are not particularly physically predisposed or selected but nonetheless eager to experience dance as a personal expressive possibility. The Metodo Sava also makes use of elements of the Balanchine style which, by modifying the rhythm, favor harmonious physical development and make the movements more fluid and natural.

Cristina Piri (teacher): Beautiful energies, thanks to Monica Sava, at every meeting she manages to convey all the love for Dance and the right care for others and for the students, without neglecting the technique, at every meeting I bring home a wonderful treasure.

Mary Cafiero (contemporary dancer): Having the right conscience and knowledge to be able to have an adequate, respectful and constructive approach for the student we are going to meet is essential. The teacher Monica Sava has splendidly donated her knowledge with a truly fascinating elegance and competence. A splendid person and a Royal Teacher.

Giorgia Martina (Director of the “La Pirouette” school in Turin): Thank you Monica Sava for your research, for the value of your work, for your eyes that sparkle when you talk about it, for your way of
diving body and soul into the precious art of teaching.