Meeting at the Sparkling Project dance school in Carpi

By Benedetta Gasparini and Erika Grassi

Ten days have already passed since the lessons of the stage, yet we still seem to hear his exhortations to every port de bras and every fifth position: Monica Sava, classical dancer of affirmed reputation who now devotes her time to the dissemination of the didactic method that she developed, the Sava Method, spent two days with us. This experience deeply shaped the learning of the dance notions of the students of the Basic and Intermediate Academic Course of our Sparkling Project school.

Clear notions, expressed in a playful but also resolutely in its fundamental traits, combining tradition with an organic and functional novelty. It aims to reaffirm the importance of a modern teaching method, suitable for the ability to understand and execute minds and young bodies that have to learn to experiment on themselves and that need to be accompanied on a path of proprioception even before a performance.

The method promotes the awareness of correct and functional placement, combined with the search for a graceful and precise movement, where the pleasure of dancing is as important as the property of movement and the precision of virtuosity. The students enthusiastically welcomed the work ideas of the teacher, who reaffirmed and confirmed the work concepts learned during the lessons with teacher Erika Grassi – director of the school – to establish the importance of a reasoned and organic teaching method and the importance of confronting different and new realities that can enrich the personal baggage of both the students and the teachers who have the daily responsibility for the growth of each student. We are delighted that Monica Sava has appreciated our school for the combination of culture, play and sociability, which does not compromise the preparation of the girls, in which she found good foundations and receptivity in learning a new job.